The Vikings (who run this website)

I’m Nichola and as the non-Danish person member of the team I am really excited about all the things I will learn about Danish culture. Ever since I first lay eyes on the dark, gritty and exciting Forbrydelsen I have been keen to learn more and more about Danish culture. I’m a Londoner through and through and one of the reasons I love London is the many ways you can experience cultures from all around the world. I may not have the money to actually go to Denmark but seeing what Danish culture has to offer in London is the next best thing!

I’m Kath and with a surname like Pedersen you may guess that I have some Danish connections. I’m a whole quarter Danish, and last year I lived in Denmark’s second city, Århus for a few months.  I’m originally from the rural county of Herefordshire and I only moved to London in September. From flæskesteg to Borgen to Royal Copenhagen Porcelain, I love everything Danish and I can’t wait to see what Danish culture can be found in London.


Hello there! My name is Mashaal Mir and I’m the one on the team born and raised in Denmark. Having lived in Copenhagen all my life, leaving it for England has been bitter-sweet; I love London but occasionally miss Denmark. I hope to discover everything Danish in this big city so I’ll always stay connected to my Danish roots!


One thought on “The Vikings (who run this website)

  1. Susan Stewart on said:

    Hi all

    I am the Head of Mother Tongue at the International School of London in Surrey. We have an extensive Mother Tongue Programme, to which we are hoping to add Danish next year. Please see this clip which explains how Programme well:

    I have placed an advert for the position of Danish teacher, but would welcome any contacts that you might have within your communities.

    Feel free to send my email contacts to any interested party, and to contact me with any questions.

    Susan Stewart

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