Vikings Gallery at the Museum of London

Vikings. Flickr (c) hans s

Vikings. Flickr (c) hans s

The Vikings are the most iconic and infamous groups in Danish history – and of course that’s why we named our website after them! The Vikings are renowned for their brutal raids across the UK and their fearless pursuit for power. But how did the Vikings effect London both in the past and the present? Well, you can get some answers at the Viking Gallery at the Museum of London. The gallery is an exhibition of Vikings relics, for example axes, swords, and other weaponry. Yet, the Viking collection also shows another side to the historic group, as the gallery pieces show a more family-centred side to the vikings. One item of the gallery that particularly interested the Vikings in London team was a grave stone which was carved with beautiful designs. It is believed to have been made by a mother and daughter in honour of their father, and demonstrates the Vikings Gallery at the Museum of London refreshing perspective on the more social aspects of the Vikings.

Danish Vikings in particular have left their mark on London, as they tended to raid, and eventually settle, further south in England. The early years of the 11th century saw many Viking raids attacking London, some successful and others not so. There were two periods in which London was under siege by Vikings, only to be reclaimed again by English rulers. However, during these tumultuous times of constant threat of Viking occupation, it was inevitable that Danish Vikings would have an effect on London in terms of language and culture.

We spoke to Jackie Keily, the Vikings Gallery Curator about the collection at the Museum of London.

Vikings Gallery from Nichola Ntim on Vimeo.

If you want to find out more about the Vikings Gallery at the Museum of London see or visit the Museum of London website for opening times and other details

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