Susanne Bier’s world of cinema

Susanne Bier has slowly, but surely, become of one Denmark’s elite cinematic exports. Along with actors like Mads Mikkelsen and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, director Bier is representing Denmark in the world of TV and film. Her latest motion picture, All You Need is Love (starring none other than Pierce Borsnan) is currently in UK cinemas.

Katrine Jessen is a Danish film student in London and says Susanne Bier provides a huge inspiration for young upcoming Danish directors. “We have some great Danish directors but we often lack Danish directors making it big”, she says. “Susanne Bier is a success story for us. If she can make it, so can we.”

For Katrine, it is Bier’s storytelling that sets her apart from the rest.

“Susanne Bier honours traditional Danish cinema which is all about strong characters and stronger story lines” says Katrine. “Her characters are very rarely one dimensional, and she makes sure to develop them throughout the film”

Bier has dabbled in both comedies and darker fiction, with romantic comedies being popular successes and dramas being critically acclaimed. According to Katrine, Bier’s success in both areas demonstrates her ability to be versatile, yet stay true to herself.

“Take [All You Need is Love]  for example. It’s a story about a cancer survivor who finds out her husband is cheating on her. Heavy stuff. But Susanne Bier manages to make a comedy out of it,” says Katrine. “So she’ll try out different stuff, but she remembers to stay committed to her voice and message.”

Make sure you check out the timeline The Vikings made of all of Bier’s films here.

Have you watched Love is All You Need? What did you think of it? And do you have any favourite Bier films? Leave your comments below!


Photo credit: Robin Skjoldborg, courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics.

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