Interview: Christian Lund

It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Denmark, but believe it or not there is a musical theatre scene throughout the country. In fact there’s so much talent in this field that Danish musical stars are coming over to London to display their craft, the most prominent example of this being Christian Lund.

Lund is to appear in The Night of 1000 Stars at the Royal Albert Hall tonight in aid of the Caron Keating Foundation. So over a very English cup of tea (which Christian says he is trying to get used to) in the West End, I endeavoured to learn a little more about how a Danish musical theatre performer makes the transition to London.

It was actually during a performance in Denmark, which gave him the opportunity to perform in London, ‘A few months before I graduated theatre school, I did a concert and a director saw it. He came up to me after the show, saying he really enjoyed my performance and would like for me to sing at the Royal Albert Hall.’ He remained true to his word as Christian got the chance to perform during Chess in Concert and was so good that he’s been asked back again five years later for The Night of 1000 Stars.

However, it’s not all plain sailing for a Danish singer to perform in British productions. Obviously there is the translation issue, as well as getting the right accent, ‘having to change between an English and American accent in a heartbeat is quite difficult.’ Lund also revealed the work schedule for his upcoming performance had been quite full-on, ‘the last three days have been really intense, but at the same time I must say it’s been fun, as the performers are a group of people who love to be challenged in this way.’

This concert could be the start of something special for Christian in London, as he is in the process of moving to the city. ‘There is the basic thing in Denmark that not many musicals are being produced and those that are being produced are only running for a few months… and I’ve always had a passion to learn what the Brits do and have been doing for so many years.’ Although he explains to me later that the travelling time between London and Copenhagen is so small that he still plans to perform in his home country.

Back in Denmark, Lund has been involved in many productions of the big musicals we’ve all come to know throughout Europe. From Grease to Les Miserables, you name it, Christian has been in it. I pushed him to tell me which part has been his favourite to play, ‘I just had the honour of playing Tony in West Side Story for a regional theatre production company… the show has just got so much heart.’

To find out more about Christian and what he is up to next check out:


Photo credit: Mashaal Mir

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