London – Danes favourite place to live?

Danish, UK and England Flags. Flickr (c) Dave Hamster

Danish, UK and England Flags. Flickr (c) Dave Hamster

London has always welcomed people from other countries with open arms, and Denmark is no different. In the 2001 Census there were over 5,550 Danes living in London and this has steadily grown in the past 10 years. And it’s pretty easy to see why Danes decide to move to London, one of the best cosmopolitan places in the world. From the great attractions, museums and nightlife to the restaurants, London is an amazing place to come and visit or even live here for a short while. But what makes Danes leave their home and settle in London?

We asked our Danish followers on Twitter (follow us @vikingsinlondon) to tell us more about why they decided to move to London. We received a range of reasons but there was one recurring theme. Education and Employment:

London doesn’t only attract Danish people because of its reputation as a bustling and active city. The prospects that London can offer is just as enticing for Danes as well. Even with the tough economic climate that we’re experiencing, London is still seen as a place where there are opportunities in both studying and finding a job. And The Vikings see this as a positive thing as the more amazing Danish talent that we can harness in London, the better.

UK and Danish Love Flags. Flickr (c) HollysHobbiesCrossStitches

UK and Danish Love Flags. Flickr (c) HollysHobbiesCrossStitches

We think Barry Forshaw, journalist and author of ‘Nordic Noir: The Pocket Essential Guide To Scandinivan Crime, Fiction, Film & TV‘ (read our interview with the writer here) sums up perfectly why Danes move to London:

Barry Forshaw has touched on the best aspect of Danish people moving to London – the fact that Londoners get to learn more about Danish culture; both in respect to popular culture and interesting cultural differences between our two countries. Danes may come here to study but we as Londoners are learning greater lessons from the Danish culture that our Danish friends bring to London.

If you’d like to tell us why you moved to London then let us know in the comments below or tweet us @vikingsinlondon . We’d love to hear from you!

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