Screening+Interview: Sarah Gavron’s ‘The Village at the End of the World’

You’re in for a treat because The Vikings attended a special screening of ‘The Village at the End of the World’ at Riverhouse Studios. Read our review of the documentary and interview with BAFTA winning director Sarah Gavron.

Niaqornat is a small, remote village with a population of only 59 situated in North West Greenland. Amidst government cuts in subsidies and no real industry, people are slowly leaving the village for bigger towns and the community is struggling to survive.

Set in one of the most visually stunning landscapes, viewers indulge in magnificent scenes of mountains, icebergs, polar bears and loud, crashing waters. The stunning documentary follows a timeline of the different seasons; each one with its own set of challenges. It highlights environmental changes, financial changes and simply a shift in generation. Can small communities survive in an age of globalisation?


Village at the End of the World, (c) Dogwoof

One of the main characters in the documentary is Lars; the only teenager in the village dreaming to get away. The teenager lives with his grandparents, works with his mother in the local shop and has never been acknowledged by his real father (who lives right next door to him). Then there is Karl, the hunter and chief of the village, trying to re-open the local fish factory in hopes of keeping the village alive. And perhaps most enduring is Ilannguaq: the village’s ‘clock’. In other words, the one man who cleans out toilet buckets as the village has no sewage system.


Village at the end of the World (s) Dogwoof

What perhaps is so intriguing about this documentary is how it’s almost told like a fiction story. This is no surprise as the directors, Sarah Gavron and her Danish husband David, are both highly acclaimed in fiction storytelling. The characters develop through the film, exposing layer after layer of their personalities. The stories are both independent from each other, and intertwined.

“The Village at the End of the World” is a fantastic treat. It opens a door to previously unseen places and though the story is about Niaqornat, the dilemmas and challenges facing the small village are in fact universal to small communities everywhere.

The Village at the End of the World will be out in cinemas on May 10th.

Flip the page below to watch the trailer and read our interview with Sarah Gavron!

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