Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce Event

The Vikings attended the Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce Event.  Many of you followed our live tweeting, and now, you can read about some of the businesses we spoke to. Everything from law to advertising to speed-dating!




(c) Anne Sofie Danekilde

So, what’s the DUCC all about?

We’re a network organisation and we do all sort of things for our members, but the main thing is one-to-one introductions. So people call us up and say, ‘we need to talk to this person within this company’, we set it up! But we also do these events so people can come and meet. And it’s just not only Danish, it’s Nordic and internationally as well. We have companies from India, France and Spain, for example.

Is the interest and attendance to these events growing?

The attendance and interest is definitely growing. When I started a year and a half ago, we were about 70 odd people coming, and now we’re always around 150-200 people signed up. And the best part is, it’s word of mouth. We don’t do any external communication on it, we do to our own database and that’s it. Half of the people that come on our list, we actually don’t know!

What do you think people can get out of getting in touch with the DUCC and coming to these events?

They can get a broader network. You can always leave here with at least a couple of business cards because you meet so many new people. It’s really a good way of meeting business, personal and social contacts.

Check out Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce at http://www.ducc.co.uk/


Tell us a little about your company!
My company’s called Red Top, because I’m a redhead! I’m in advertising, I’m doing copywriting and strategic planning. I have mainly Danish clients, so I’m here looking for British clients. I spend a lot of time flying back to Denmark, to meet my clients, so that’s why I would like to meet someone here from advertising or event agencies.

Why did you decide to come along today?
I think the organisers here are really good at introducing you to relevant people. So if they know anyone looking for an advertising agency, or they see there is someone representing an agency, then they would introduce me to that person. And it’s just not only Danish, it’s Nordic and internationally as well. For example, we have companies from India and Spain.

Why do you like London?

London is a great city, you never get bored. There’s always something going on!

Where do you see your company in the next 5 years?
Hopefully I can employ an art director and a consultant. I don’t want the company to grow too much, so we can make cheaper solutions for the clients, and greater creative solutions as well.

Check out Redtop at www.redtop.dk



You’re here representing the Nordic Film Festival. Tell us a little about it!
So, the Nodic Film Festival is the principal activities of our company Day For Night, which is a London based film company where we focus on programming, curating film festivals, film distribution and we also subtitle films from foreign language to English and vice versa.
We launched it in the UK at the end of last year and are now preparing for our second edition which will be in various venues in November and December this year.

Where does the Nordic Film Festival fit in London, and London culture?
I was based in Denmark for a couple of years working with the Nordic film markets. In London, I felt that there was a gap in the landscape for a festival of this nature that would celebrate the best in Nordic cinema, both older films and more recent titles. More broadly, there is very little representation of Nordic cinema and this is now the only UK festival focusing on Nordic cinema.

Do you think people are getting more interested in Nordic cinema and culture in general? If so, why?
I think there’re certainly been an interest in Nordic crime-fiction and literature, and television and film which has grown in the last year, no question. If you look at Danish cinema, there is a long tradition of strong storytelling and productions that are just really, really good. Our festival certainly builds on the increasing interest.

Check out the Nordic Film Festival at www.day-for.night.org



Tell us a little about your company and business.
We’re a cloud computing company, and what we do is we help businesses transform their IT to the Cloud.
Do you or your company have any connection to Denmark, or Danish people living in London?

‘I’m responsible for growing the business in the UK, but Denmark is actually one of our markets, as most of our business is done in Northern Europe.

What’s your connection to this event, why did you decide to come here today?

A friend told me about it! I hope to meet new people, and understand what’s going on in the Danish Chamber of Commerce, to learn how that might be a potential opportunity for our company .

Check out Cloudmore at www.cloudmore.com



What’s your profession and why did you decide to come along today?
I’m a lawyer originally from Denmark I work for a law firm called Miller Rosenfalck. I’ve worked a lot in high technology industries, the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. Now I work predominantly for technology clients.
I came here today because it’s a very good venue for meeting Scandinavians quite simply. You come here to network, to meet other people, new people that you may not generally have a chance to meet. Quite simply, to just catch up with the Scandinavian community.
What do you think Danish companies can get out of investing in London?
I think that varies a lot from business to business. But no matter which industry you’re in, there’s no question that England will always remain the land of very big opportunities.

Check out Miller Rosenfalck at http://www.millerrosenfalck.co.uk/



So, what’s your business all about?

Pop-Up Speed Dating is aimed at cool, urban professionals. It’s been going for just about a year now, and we were recently featured in Made In Chelsea, Daily Telegraph and Time Out. Since then it’s really kicked off, and become really popular. 

So, why did you decide to come to an event like this?

I heard there will be wall-to-wall hot, tall, blonde men which is what my ladies want! So we’ll go to events like this and if we see someone who matches what our clients want, we invite them to one of our really cool events. 

Check out Pop Up Speed Dating at http://popupspeeddating.com/

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