The Danish Football Team in London

While getting ourselves involved with the Danish community in London, the Vikings have realised there are many Danish clubs and societies in London covering a huge range of activities.  So it was no surprise to us to find out there is a Danish football team, who play in Regents Park every Saturday. I spoke to the Coach of Team Denmark F.C., Phillip Sode to find our more:

SONY DSC                                                 Phillip Sode
How did Team Denmark F.C. start?

It used to start as some Danish guys meaning to play football. But nowadays it’s much more than a football club, it’s also a social club, with social events and other sports such as golf and running.

How has the team developed?

It started originally as just men, but we soon realised it would good to include women. So we also started a running club, so if the guys had girlfriends they came to the park as well and went running.

Does the football team include women?

Yeh, it’s completely mixed. This helps focus the social aspect. There are some good female players in the team.




What mix of players do you have?

We have exchange students who play temporarily. There are also people who are more permanent, such as myself. I moved from Bornholm to London ten years ago.

Are you involved in tournaments at the moment?

We recently played in a five-a-side match in the Soccer Dome. A few weeks ago we played a German team. We also plan to have a Scandinavian five-a-side tournament, which also includes a social barbeque.

Was there a rivalry there, between the Danish and German team?

Yes there was a bit of a rivalry, but that can also be said for when we play an English team.

Do you think the interest in football in both Denmark and Britain is a uniting factor?

It appeals to a lot of Danes and it’s a good place for “football lovers” so maybe that’s why so many Danes come here!

Team Denmark F.C. practise every Saturday at 11.00 in Regents Park. (Entrance nearest Camden Town tube station). For more information please visit:










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