Are you a Danish student? 5 places to get your Danish fix.

London is a fantastic, exciting and one of the greatest metropolitan cities in the world. That’s why most of us moved here. We enjoy the hustle bustle of the big city.

Yet you can’t help but miss the quirks of Denmark. Right from the traditional smørrebrød (where does one get some remoulade anyway?) to great authentic Danish pastries. Here we present you 5 places where you can get your Danish fix.

1. Scandinavian Kitchen

We did a piece on Scandinavian Kitchen (called Scandi Kitchen for short).  Located on 61 Great Titchfield St, this cafe’s fresh home-made smørrebrød will take you back to Denmark. And if that wasn’t good enough, you can get your hands on food products from home. If you find yourself missing remoulade for your fish and chips or traditional Danish jam for your morning toast, Scandi Kitchen has you covered. It’s like being home without having to actually fly home.

2. Nordic Bar

Though not strictly Danish, the Nordic Bar offers its hosts events and parties (and food!) with a careful Scandinavian touch. The bar, sitting comfortably in the heart of Fitzrovia, is famous for its weekly parties, comedy events and quiz nights. The bar also hosts its signature ‘Scandinavian Student Event’, once a month so make sure to gather all your Scandinavian friends for a night out! More information on the event can be found on the Nordic Bar’s website.

3. Danish Church

The Danish Church, standing proud in Regent’s Park, is more than just a place for religious Danes to gather. Sometimes considered a focal point for many Danes in London, the church organises Clubs and events for Danes of all ages. It also contains a shop, offering Danish products like famed Danish cheese and rye bread. And if by any chance you wish to brush up on your Danish skills, or learn it from scratch, the church also runs Danish language lessons.  [Note: Vikings In London has a special post coming up this week about the Danish Church.]

4. Christania bikes

If you were an avid cyclist in Denmark (which you probably were), the lack of cycle lanes in London can seem daunting. The good news is that the culture of cycling is growing in London, so why not teach Brits how it’s really done? And what better way to cycle than on one of Denmark’s signature vehicles? Yes, we’re talking about the famed Christania bicycle. London Green Cycles gives you the chance to rent one of these stylish cargo bikes. So get a picnic organised (if London’s merciless weather allows it) or simply go on a small biking trip with your venner. Whatever you do, do it the Danish way.

5. Nordic bakery

Who doesn’t love Danish pastries ? Nobody, that’s who. If the standard ones at Sainsbury’s fail to impress you, don’t worry. The Nordic Bakery has a beautiful selection of authentic Danish and other Scandinavian pastries, desserts  and sandwiches. So head down to one of the three locations for a a royally Danish lunch.

Do you have any favourite Danish and Scandinavian spots in London? If so, let us know in the comment section below!

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2 thoughts on “Are you a Danish student? 5 places to get your Danish fix.

  1. Good post. Recommend Nordic Bar on Wednesdays (half price food).

    Also, MASH is a restaurant that has just moved over from Copenhagen to Soho, that’s a little more expensive but worth a look. In addition, a number of coffee shops are guesting Scandinavian coffee roasters (Kaffeine and Store St Espresso). The availability is not guaranteed though as these coffees are outstanding.

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