A trip to the Scandinavian Kitchen

Tucked away on Great Titchfield Street you will find the Scandinavian Kitchen. It’s hard not to be drawn in by the welcoming nature of this establishment, which will guarantee you an indulgent Nordic experience.

The aim here isn’t to emulate the gastro-revolutions of the Danish Michelin starred Noma. No, here it is all about experiencing a relaxed atmosphere and a smørrebrød (open sandwich.)


Bronte Aurell, the owner explains, ‘What we offer to the ex pats?  A temporary remedy for homesickness.  For the UK visitor, we offer a snap shot into what Scandinavia is like.’ You see it is not only a cafe experience which the Scandinavian Kitchen provides. Towards the back of the premises is an extensive selection of Nordic goods which aren’t available in many UK supermarkets. From Remoulade to myseost, they sell everything that us Danes can’t live without.


As we keep mentioning on this site, Nordic culture is riding a wave of popularity at the moment. Speaking to the manager of the Scandinavian Kitchen, Sebastian Akesson, it’s clear this is having an impact, ‘We’ve noticed a big interest from English people… there’s been a massive increase in the last two years.’


Whilst drinking my Matilde chocolate milk, it was hard not to notice the array of different people who were in the cafe. From a lone coffee drinker who said he’d just walked in and found it to be sweet and lovely, to a couple of young friends, one of which claimed she has, ‘…fallen in love with all things Scandinavian.’

Of course at Vikings in London we want to know all about the Danish aspects of the business. Bronte explains, ‘Being Danish we of course ensure Denmark is represented well in the shop and cafe – and we realise it is the little things that count, such as Cocio chocolate milk, good rye bread, ymerdrys, and the likes.  We’ve got it all.’


Well why wouldn’t you want to visit? To find out more click here.

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