London v. Copenhagen

A Tale of Two Cities…

In every country capital cities draw people from other parts of the country and around the world. They may not exactly represent or reflect everything about a country , but there’s no denying that you are more likely to find the best entertainment, art, food in the capital.

And London and Copenhagen are perfect examples of exciting and fun capital cities.

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London is one of the most exciting places to live, and it’s down to the constant flow of things to do in this amazing city. Free museums, art exhibitions, independent cinemas, gourmet food markets to name but a few, keeps this city buzzing with an excited energy. London is known for its multiculturalism with places like Brixton having its own Afro-Caribbean style, and events like the Notting Hill Carnival brightening up the London summer. Us Londoners may not be known for our cheery nature, but we make up for it in wit and fun. I’ve lived in London all my life and there really is no place that can match it.

Well apart from…

Copenhagen is a city bursting with energy and has a limitless list of things to do and see. Additionally, Copenhagen is a small(ish) city, which means you won’t miss any of the amazing and beautiful sights, such as Tivoli Gardens – home to the world’s oldest theme park. The smaller size of Copenhagen also makes the atmosphere more welcoming and warm than other sprawling cities. Every city thinks it’s the best in the world but Copenhagen has a head start, as the restaurant Noma was nominated the best place to eat in the world. Twice! So if your taste buds rule your head then Copenhagen is the place for you.

So The Vikings take the two cities head to head to find out which one is best:


Every city has an amazing party atmosphere, which keeps its residents buzzing and makes sure visitors always want to come back for more – and London and Copenhagen are no exception. Summer is temperamental at the best of times in London but the Notting Hill Carnival, in West London, always brings sun and fun no matter the weather. The street party started as a protest against racial suppression in the Afro-Caribbean community in the 1960s. Now it is a celebration of the cultural contribution the Afro-Caribbean community bring to London, and it is the best place to be in London during the August bank holiday. Likewise in Copenhagen the only place to be in the beginning of June is the Distortion festival. This dance festival spans across 5 days and brings concerts, dancing and crazy behaviour to all the boroughs in Copenhagen. The festival descends on the streets of Copenhagen every year and has some of the best underground dance acts playing.


Boris bikes are a relatively new phenomenon in London and we’ve taken to it like ducks to water. But the Danes have been pros of city cycling since 1892! Copenhagen has great cycling routes and most of the time it seems like the cyclists rule the road. The Danes are miles ahead in city cycling compared to London, as Copenhagen has segregated cycling lanes providing better safety for cyclists. So even though our very own Boris is leading the way for London cyclists we can’t compete with the one of the best cycling cities in the world.


Both Copenhagen and London have their fair share of beautiful art in the city, and two of the most popular are The Little Mermaid in Langelinje promenade, Copenhagen and Nelson’s Column  in Trafalgar Square, London. Both these pieces of art are more than just statues in these cities – they are integral to the image and atmosphere of the city. Every year The Little Mermaid’s birthday (23rd August – and she’ll be 100 this year!) is celebrated with girls dressed as mermaids entering the water to wish the the statue a happy birthday. And Nelson himself was part of the London Olympic 2012 festivities, as he was fitted with a Union Jack hat and an Olympic torch. Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square is one of the most well known monuments in London. Both statues show the amount of pride that Londoners and Copenhageners feel for art in their city.


Every girl’s dream is to have an endless road filled with fashion, shoes, jewellery and all manner of shops. Copenhagen’s Stroget shopping area is pretty close to reaching that dream, as it has the longest pedestrian shopping area in Europe. High fashion designers like Prada, Mulberry and Chanel can be found at Stroget. These top end stores are usually found on Regent Street in London, but nothing beats the great High Street fashion that Oxford Street has to offer. You can easily get lost in Topshop’s flagship store in Oxford Circus, but its extensive collection of fun and cool clothes will always leave a gaping space in your purse!

Let us know which city you think is the best! Tweet us your thoughts at @vikingsinlondon

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2 thoughts on “London v. Copenhagen

  1. I’m terribly sorry but you seemed to have missed out on a television face off aka: ‘Borgen’ vs ‘The Thick of It’/ ‘The Killing’ vs I dunno ‘Luther’? Either way it needs sorting NOW!! tell me you’ve done at least 5 Borgen themed articles guys!

  2. We are genuinely sorry you feel this way Harry. However, the article is more about visiting the individual cities, where watching television may not be at the top of your list. 🙂

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