Today was the last day of London’s fashion elite flaunting their style at London Fashion Week. But Danish fashion designers made sure that their unique styles were fighting for the spotlight with famous UK designers. The Vikings decided to take a look at the up and coming Danish designer Anne Sofie Madsen…

Anne Sofie Madsen Designs. Flickr (c) The Style PA

Anne Sofie Madsen Designs. Flickr (c) The Style PA

Anne Sofie Madsen  – The Designer

Anne Sofie Madsen was the main Danish designer at the ‘Fashion Scandinavian’  showcase hosted by the Danish Embassy at London Fashion Week. Madsen studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in 2009. She continued her studies in fashion by working for major fashion houses in Europe. She trained under John Galliano in Paris before moving onto London to work for the late Alexander McQueen until 2010. Her first debut fashion collection was shown in 2010 at London Fashion Week. Madsen returned to London this year as the face of Danish fashion as she was involved with the special showcase of Scandinavian style.

Anne Sofie Madsen Designs. Flickr (c) The Style PA

Anne Sofie Madsen Designs. Flickr (c) The Style PA

The Clothes

Madsen’s Autumn/Winter 2013 collection is inspired by sci-fi, pop culture and futuristic elements. The Danish designer has been praised for her ability to combine both minimalist monochrome colours and complex structures in her clothes. Madsen was inspired by the short film ‘Sirens of Chrome’, and onlookers were treated to a more Gothic and darker side to fashion. Even Vogue: Italy has commented on the designer’s potential as a top creative designer.

The ‘Fashion Scandinavian’ Showcase

The Scandinavian Fashion showcase at Somerset House is the biggest collection of Scandinavian designers that has ever come to London. It’s the first time that Scandinavian designers have had their own specific space to showcase their unique designs. The event displayed clothes from over 40 labels who came from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Four designers, of which Anne Sofie Madsen is a key feature, have been chosen to demonstrate styles from their countries. The Danish Embassy organised the event with the British Council and the British Fashion Council, and the showcase is part of a wider International Fashion Showcase at London Fashion Week.

Peter Jensen Fashion Show 2011. Flickr (c) jaimelondonboy

Peter Jensen Fashion Show 2011. Flickr (c) jaimelondonboy

The Future

Anne Sofie Madsen is the first of many Danish designers who are raising fashion insiders’ awareness of Danish fashion. Anne Sofie Madsen’s amazing designs are available at Joseph in London and online retailers. If you want to look at any other Danish designers we recommend Peter Jensen (see above). His style is a lot more wearable than Anne Sofie Madsen’s couture inspired collection.

If you want to find out more about Anne Sofie Madsen see her site here

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