From Denmark with love: Viking warship on the way to UK


During the Viking era, there was little love between Denmark and the United Kingdom.

Warships crammed with warriors often landed on British shores, and raided undefended villages and sites.

But that’s history now.

One of the most spectacular Viking ships is coming back to the United Kingdom, all for the sake of a new exhibition at the British Museum.

Considered one of the biggest Viking battleships — measuring 36 metres with the capacity to hold 100 men– the Roskilde 6′ will be housed in the British Museum’s upcoming new, and massive, exhibition space.

The timbers of the ship were actually first discovered in Denmark in 1996 by complete accident; ironically, while digging in order to extend the Danish museum’s space to hold more Viking ships.

Thought to have been underwater since the 11th century, the timbers have been going through a very slow and complex process of preservation in Denmark.

Complex restoration is currently underway


According to The Viking Ship Museum in Denmark, the process has been to slowly dry the some 900-year-old timbers in order to avoid them crumbling into dust. The lost moisture is then replaced with a synthetic resin.


Roskilde 6 measures about 36 meters

Roskilde 6 is expected to be fully restored in June 2013, and will be first unveiled in Denmark.

The vessel will then be transported to London and showcased as a star attraction in London in 2014.

We’re excited already!

The vessel in all its glory will come to London in 2014

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